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I’m new to the blog world and I had a special post prepared for you today but I haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out. An amateur mistake. I’m still learning.  So I’ll save that special post I promised for the future. So this evening I’ll unleash some of the recent albums I’ve been fortunate to give a listen to and give you my thoughts on these delicious pieces of sweaty rock n roll!

The Real Gone Tones: Hot Mess (El Toro 2016)

If you had told me that I would be tapping my feet to a female fronted polish rockabilly band 15 years ago, I would not (in any way shape or form) believe you. I gotta say, I love this girls voice. Especially the hiccup (they even have a song called Rock N Roll Hiccup). Like a female Buddy Holly mixed with Janis Martin but still all original. Musicianship is tight. Delicious guitars. Its like these guys were meant for each other. I really hope these guys get more attention out here in the u.s. Anyone who is into modern-day rockabilly from El Toro Records(or any label along with Rhythm Bomb or even Wild) will be very pleased to give this a listen! Album available HERE!

Savage Breed: self titled (Wild Records 2016)

Took these guys long enough! I’ve been seeing these guys since they were called “Los Bananos”. One of the best modern-day live acts out there. If you see that they are playing in your area I highly recommend seeing these guys and buying Gabriel a beer. I feel this disc captures their stage show in the studio.  Their self titled album has all the trademarks of a WILD release. Its LOUD! RAW! Sounds good coming out of your speakers. Guitars kick maximum buttocks. These guys get dirty with lyrics like “All I wanna do is you!” ok its PG dirty but I still almost threw my underwear at the cd player. Once again Wild knocks one out of the park. CD available HERE.

Various Artist: Rockabilly Killers and Dance Floor Fillers Vol 1 Strollers (Western Star 2016)

You know when you go to a show, one of highlights is checking all the ladies doing the stroll. Also for me another highlight is hearing the dj playing strollers. Unfortunately I can’t stroll for I am a man and that is FORBIDDEN! But thanks for Alan Wilson I can enjoy the stroll in the comfort of my own basement. This album contains 26 of the best strollers from Western Star’s rockabilly artists.Very unique because I’ve searched and its hard to find a good strollers comp. I can’t even find a good playlist on YouTube! It is great to hear bands I already love like Jack Rabbit Slim and The Bullets. As much of a rockabilly aficionado as I’d like to think I am. I did discover a couple of artists I plan on checking out more like Sharna Mae and the Mayhams, as well as Rusty Steel and The Star Tones. This is probably the best compilation that’s gonna come out this year. I heavily recommend it. Album available on amazon for only $7.99 HERE!

TJ Mayes: From the Plains to the Piers (Wild Records 2015)

A couple of years I heard of a guy that recorded an album with Boz Boorer (The Polecats, Morrissey, I took a photo with Boz once and he pointed out my sun burn). So I quickly bought from this newcomer from Oklahoma. Album was called “When loves comes down” and I loved it. Fast forward a year or so later I hear Reb Kennedy signed TJ Mayes to his label and I shrieked like a girl! By chance my girlfriend went to see some Wild Records artist and she asked Reb what he recommends and he pointed out the TJ Mayes and I was so happy when she surprised me with his new cd. And I’m not one bit disappointed! Toe tappin rock n roll! Love the guitar and song structure. Great band backing him up (awesome set at viva). As much as I love the last album there was a pinch of cheesiness to it (good cheesiness, it was a saxophone. to each his own). Fortunately for this album, all cheese has been thrown out the window (imagine a wedge of cheese being thrown out a window…do it). He re-recorded “Tommy Gun”(from first album) and I love this version a lot more than the original. This is straight forward rocknroll with blues and country thrown in. Did I say Wild knocked one out the park earlier? Well they did it again! Cd available HERE

The Sirocco Bros: Bop (self released 2015)


Continuing what they started by “Sirocco”. The mysterious (and oh so nice) Sirocco Bros released their collection of songs they’ve sporadically released on vinyl 45 on an album. This time I guess they were in a rush and went ahead a put out this ep containing 4 tracks. All Stellar as anything they’ve released. If you wanna know my feeling toward them (I love this band) look up my article HERE. “Devils Guitar” is a dirty blues stomper. “Vortex” gives me images that almost scares me. I know its not supposed to but it just does. Definitely worth owning this and everything else these guys have ever put out. You can purchase to download the album HERE

Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys

Doing a 45 single this time.While at viva I got Big Sandys newest 45 released on Ruby Records (started by the very lovely Ruby Ann and the manly lovely Tom Ingram…that doesn’t sound weird right?). This is their first new release in a while excluding “What a Dream its Been” (an album of re recordings and re working of past songs). I feel every DJ at viva bought this and played it during their set and let me tell you. It always had everyone on the floor. I love the song personally.Love the lyrics!  This showcases Robert Williams hypnotic voice could melt butter(if I had a pair of panties I’d throw them at my record player). Ashley Kingman’s guitar playing is made me with I had two pairs of panties. As well as Ricky McCann’s drumming (the Josh Freese of rockabilly)! You’ll find yourself singing this song to yourself all day. “Dated a mortician, tried to put me in a hearse” best line. Every time is classic BSAHFRB. Both songs made the wait worth it. Now lets go harass the band to make another full length album. This 45 is available HERE!

Note from me:

Just to make sure we’re on the same page. I’m only going to review albums I like. I’m not going to review a bad album on here. I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. Some folks are under the impression that I like every album that comes my way. That is incredibly untrue. There can be lots of stinkers out there but its not my job to tell anyone that (you’re so lucky Chris Isaak). I’m not kissing anyone’s ass here. I’m merely showing love to the artists and creators of this amazing music that I’ve been obsessed with for over a decade.

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Come back next time where I’ll do a 2 hour documentary and spend 45 minutes of it just talking about cars



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