Rockabilly at the Movies!

Besides music, the other thing that is universally beloved by 99 percent of humanity is movies. Today instead of just talking about music we’ll be checking out Rockabilly in the world of film! (if you have any complaints I believe a lot of you enjoyed my Wrestling with rockabilly post a couple of weeks ago). Lets just get this straight. We’re talking about modern-day rockabilly movies. Maybe one day I’ll talk about Hot Rod Gang and Don’t Knock the Rock. But I’m gonna talk about a list of films I’ve compiled from the past 20 or so years. No films that’s simply based on being in the 50s. No “Outsiders” and definitely NO “Grease”. It just doesn’t count. There is no BILLY music. Just a bunch of shlocky 70s pop music. I know there are lots of fans but that movie is a complete dumpster fire. I said it! Burn in hell John Travolta. Now to the list!

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend (2013)


First off, if you’ve been watching Walking Dead like I have. You’ll be annoyed that they are full on calling them “Zombies” instead of “Walkers”. After all these years of being annoyed that people in zombie movies didn’t know anything about zombies. We finally get what we want. And its annoying. The story is simple there is a hillbilly wedding going on. A crop duster filled with a chemical made by a mad scientist with an eye patch. Drops said chemical on towns folk in a rural florida town that turns people into man-eating zombies. Now to the music. All done by a band called Killer Moonshine. I have no complaints. Heres a music video..

The film honestly feels like a 90 minute cheap psychobilly music video. The acting is fairly bad. Nothing too original in the plot. The film in grade A cheesy. The cast gave me flash backs to folks that would go see Chops Tops in orange county back in the day. And for some reason the best lines in the film go to the lead actress’s asshole step father “I’m having more fun than a tornado in a trailer park”. Yet I feel this would be a great movie to see with your friends. Pop some popcorn and make fun of the damn thing. Have an MST3K night.

Rockabilly Vampire (1996)

I absolutely love the music in the soundtrack! Three Blue Teardrops, Frantic Flattops, The Amazing Crowns!

Next to the music I’m also a huge fan of Troma (Toxic Avenger movies, Class of Nuke em High, SGT Kabukiman NYPD). Love love love their movies. Low budget violence and gore that have charmed me for almost my whole life. So in 1996 I guess they ran out of fake skin and make up. Cause the most violent this film gets is fake blood dripping off this fake Elvis’s lip(I’m confused I believe he is supposed to be Elvis…or not…I’m just gonna watch Bubba Hotep). The story centers around a girl who is obsessed with Elvis and all things 50s. One day she meets a man who looks a lot like someone from the 50s. The man (you guessed it) turns out to be a vampire. If you’re a girl Id imagine that you’d find this film cute. Its like Twilight but my ass didn’t hurt while watching it. The dialogue can be painful. Without the gore, it makes it somewhat hard to watch. I’d say watch purely for the music. “You mean a vampire?” “Of the rockabilly kind!”, that just hurt. Best part: The fight between Eddie and the Beatle guy.

Cry Baby (1990)

Hey, dig it. All you hepcats and cool chicks! The Citizen Kane of rockabilly films. One of Johnny Depp’s greatest performances(I’m gonna get so much crap) as well as my favorite John Water’s movies. Music of James Intveld and Dave Alvin of The Blasters. Everyone looks amazing. Quotes galore!  This epic live scene..

Cry Baby Walker falls in love with a rich girl square named Allison. The two worlds of drapes (or greasers) clash with the squares. One of my favorite movies of all time. And I hate musicals. This is one of my favorite movies. I’m not even sure what to say other than if you haven’t seen it already. You should go buy the dvd immediately…now…stop reading this blog….go get it! This film shaped who I have become as a man (though I’ve never stolen hub caps or gotten into a rumble with squares).


We’re happy I’m basing this off of movies with music in it, right? Instead of Pretty In Pink with Ducky dressed up as a Teddy Boy. And that stupid Grease movie, that I hate. Just in case you forgot. Now you may ask yourself “WHY?! WHY DO YOU HATE GREASE?!”

Also I decided to exclude Stephen Kings “Sometimes They Come Back”. Though this is a pretty nice screen shot.

And Shea Labeouf in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls is a big no no (admit it you saw it!)

Ok one last movie

Rockabilly Baby (2009)

So this film came to my attention on Facebook the other day. Noticed that nobody had seen it. So I decided it was my duty to review it for the rockabilly masses. First a warning, 99% of this film is done in a dressing room( that way you’re not too weirded out at the 20 minute mark). You know you’re in for a treat when they highlight that they’re going back to 1954 by showing a picture of Richard Nixon (who did not become president until 1969!). Parts of the film contains flash backs and maybe two 30 second live performances. Rockabillly Baby was based on a play and after seeing this… should have stayed that way. Or at least should have been done with a better cast, director, budget, film company. Lots of arguing and lots of references to one character’s “pork missile”. This whole thing felt uncomfortable. At one point I was getting flash backs to Brokeback Mountain. Not going to give away any spoilers but I was right with that guess. There are some good quotes that are executed very badly (about that pork missile). Everything feels very unrealistic. Unlike the camp musical comedy and the two cheesy horror movies I mentioned earlier. This is a drama so I feel there should be some realism here (there isn’t!).  The story is…..well I kinda feel there wasn’t even really a story. If you wanna give it a look once I say do that same thing I did and just rent it for $1.99 HERE. I say its worth watching once….and once only. With people around so you don’t fall asleep after looking at the same dressing room for 80 minutes.

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Come back next time where I’ll yell outside of John Travolta’s home about how much I hate Grease.

p.s. Pork Missile!


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