Horton Hayride:Top 5 Bands you have to see!!

Hootenanny is long done. Ink N Iron’s corpse is barely getting cold. Who shall be the heir to the throne for So-Cal rockin festival supremacy? Well at the moment it seems that The Rev has grabbed the torch and running with it! For the third year in a row Mr Heath has booked a show with an epic line up. Hell I’m not even mad they got a couple of punk bands on the bill (after hoot ended those poor guys need to eat). But who am I kidding the sad fact is a bunch of people are going to go to see Bouncing Souls and Manic Hispanic (I actually like those guys because listening to only one genre makes you boring). So I devised a list of the top 5 acts you absolutely have to see!

5. Reverend Horton Heat 

Oh you expected him to be number one? Or not on the list at all? Well he’s definitely on the list because they are THAT good! So many classic songs! So many classic albums! One of the best live acts ever. They can play for 2 hours and have you begging for more! Master of his craft! God bless him for coming up with an event such as this (and for so damn cheap! 25 bucks!) I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time on him so….moving on!

4. Lance Lipinsky and The Lovers

You ever have that song you hate yourself for liking. Like the video I just posted, the first  half the song I’m like “oh god this is ridiculous” by the end of it I absolutely love it! Say Hello to Lance Lipinsky! Coming from Texas along with Rev. He’s currently fulfilling the rockabillly worlds need for piano pounding rocknroll in the style Jerry Lee Lewis. If you do like piano you’re in luck, look him up and while you’re at it google Ezra Lee, and Isreal Proulx. He brought the house down on the main stage this year at Viva. Not even going to lie I was seeing another band and will forever include missing his set as one of the biggest regrets in life next to when that I wore a v neck t-shirt.

3. Junior Brown

You know, the first time I got to see Rev was at the House of Blues in Anaheim about ten years ago. And Junior Brown opened for him. Epic REAL country music with the spirit of rocknroll somewhere in there. Great guitar player/ songwriter. I’m gonna go ahead and listen to some Junior Brown right now. Even if you don’t like country just watch him play his guit-steel! Transitioning from guitar playing to steel guitar action. It’s a sight to behold. Guitar geeks take notes. I might be a little biased. Being raised in the south my dad used to sing along to Highway Patrol. Now I’m carrying on the tradition.

2. Pat Capocci

Australia has some amazing acts (The Rechords, Ezra Lee (again! yes parenthesis inside parenthesis) The Living End, ummm ACDC). You folks are so incredibly privileged to have this guy fly all the way over here. Great traditional rockabilly. Another guitar maestro included on the line up. You should get off this page immediately and buy his albums!

Hell he gets two videos on this entry! Come in early cause I’m fairly sure he’ll be one of the first acts to hit the stage. Though he deserves to be right to co headline.

Honorable mention: Los Skarnales and Viernes 13

I’m halfway sure I’m breaking some rule here posting a ska video. Don’t care. I love ska and I love that two latin ska bands are billed in this fest. The music in la county is ever-growing and damn good (told you that listening to only one genre is boring). Major cool points for catering to the So-Cal Latino community (hey Manic Hispanic is on the bill too).

and the number 1  band: The Delta Bombers

Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare tell me that you’re just going to see Bouncing Souls and Reverend Horton Heat. Don’t you dare! As you know I have a major love for Wild Records acts (look HERE). Real rocknroll. One of the best live bands on the market. They keep getting better and better. Every album is 5 stars.. I believe Mr Heath is a fan. Best description of these guys is the following: imagine 4 bottles of Jack Daniels learned how to play instruments. This is what would happen! If you’ve never heard of them before do yourself a favor and go see them. YOURE WELCOME!

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