Wrestling with rockabilly: Updated

Warning: the following is god awfully silly and should be read with your pants on.

In the 80s, wrestler the Honky Tonk Man came into the wrestling world. Dressed in Elvis jumpsuits. A finishing move called Shake Rattle and Roll (I believe Bill Haley did that first but I’m not judging…on that). And the sweetest sideburns in the history of the biz (no homo). The video above is his tag team with Greg “the Hammer” Valentine called Rhythm & Blues. Now we had two Elvis jump suit wearing guys (Greg dyed his hair black for this) and look at this cheesy entrance. You got the poodle skirt girls in the front seat to give it the cringe worthy cheese of a Happy Days episode (oh I’m sorry , I never liked Happy Days and its based on the 50s! Why in the hell is that chachi guy wearing a jumpsuit?!?! That is 70s Elvis! How long can I keep typing in parenthesis?).

Luckily this didn’t go any further with this. And the Honky Tonk Man went on to live on an island with a soccor ball for the rest of his life.

Oh I take that back. Look! He must have managed “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn at some point. Whats that Honky? He wasn’t always known as Billy Gunn? His name is on his jacket? Ok Billy turn around..

You sons of bitches!

Yep right before being a member of New Age Outlaws and DX. Mr ASS was known as Rockabilly, Honky Tonk’s protegé! This happened!! Not 100 percent sure what a guy with long blonde hair is doing with a name that screams “slick back hair”. Unless they listened to Johnny Powers and got really confused.

This song would’ve suited him! But his entrance music sounded like a Stray Cats album threw up every where. Observe!

Its like Brian Setzer exploded inside a thrift store.

Let me just bash you over the head one last time. This actually happened!

I love that there’s a dumpster fire next to the name. Very appropriate. Fortunately this didn’t last long. And the WWF(now WWE) decided to never venture down this avenue.


Yes these heavy metal guido lookin fellas were known as Duece and Domino! This was WWE’s attempt at a greaser/Grease inspired (I hate Grease) tag team. Along with Cherry who would accompany them to the ring on roller skates! Funny factoid, the guy on the right did an interview about how he only uses Murrays. As whats?!  Do you chuck the cans at homeless people? They lasted a little longer than RockaBilly Gunn but quickly went nowhere. Another interesting factoid: The one on the left is Sim Snuka, Superfly Jimmy Snukas son. Thats the only good thing I can say about them!

And the music that played before they were gonna give someone a beat down?

Schlocky doo wop! Its just as bad if they had used a Social D song.

Thankfully all is not lost. Current wrestler Dean Ambrose is a Delta Bombers fan and I believe that makes up for everything you’ve witnessed on this post.

Hopefully you enjoyed this wacky little entry. Feel free to read my other rants and observations on this rockin world we coinhabit. Also feel free to LIKE the Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE .

Tune in next time where I’ll graffiti the inside of a bathroom stall at a Ruby’s Diner!

Update 6-20-2016

WCW in the early 90s. Hired a young drag queen (ok he wasn’t really) that went by the name Johnny B Badd. Ok I actually liked this guy. Until WWF hired him under his real name, Marc Mero. His theme was so bad that I refuse to post it. You know what, I take it back. I hate you Johnny B Badd, you allowed a pop country song to be the theme for a guy that is supposed to be a wrestling version of Little Richard.


Go get him Honk!!

wwef_36561967_th_64 (1)

 Updated 6-20-2017 (total coincidence it is one year to the day I last updated this page.


You’re reading that correctly. WWE have created a new pay per view named “Great Balls of Fire”.  Sounds weird. I love Jerry Lee Lewis but….it doesn’t scream wrestling. Honestly thought this was a big joke but nope. It happens July 9th this year and despite the name I’m fully planning on watching it live. And do you think those guys checked if they could use the name? Nope! Jerry Lee was on the verge of sending a cease and desist letter to them (he actually owns the trademark to the phrase and title “Great Balls of Fire”. You can read up on more HERE.  Oh and in case you didn’t know, the company is also using the song as the pay per view’s theme. Looks like they’re trying to go with a 50s feel. I’m still not sure if I’m liking it. Let me know how you feel in the comments.  If you know of anything rockabilly and wrestling related hit me up in the contacts section located on the top of the page. Until then enjoy the killer below.


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