Mike Ness Syndrome pt 2: And the Hootenanny disease


“So you’re gonna see the Smut Peddlers next week?”

“No I’m not really into a lot of punk”

“But why do you have Mike Ness hair?”

Picking up where we left off. Not going to kick Mr. Ness while he’s down. I already made my peace on the last post. Which you can read HERE! I wanna go a little further into the disease known as “Mike Ness Syndrome”. It isn’t just about confused Social d fans. Because this has added symptoms. These symptoms will be mentioned after I post the following pic because this is just killing me not to share it.


Nice screen shot right? This was taken from a Vice magazine article from a year or so ago. A long-winded article. Like three pages worth. It was called “Why hasn’t rockabilly come back around again?” You can click the link if you want. It will only make you mad if you actually listen to rockabilly. You notice that it brings up Social D. Heres a spoiler, ITS THE ONLY BAND THAT THEY EVEN MENTION IN THE ARTICLE! No mention of current acts. No WILD RECORDS, no current labels. Hell there is no mention of Imelda May, Reverend Horton Heat, or JD McPherson. All three have had billboard chart success at the time. Small success but still seeing a rockabilly (or rockabilly esq) on the charts is insane nowadays!

Feels like whoever wrote that just browsed through a Wikipedia page, asked a buddy to mention a rockabilly band that doesn’t know shit, dropped their pants, sat on their keyboard and continue to write from their ass. I’m gonna assume maybe this person went to that legendary festival of all things rockabilly HOOTENANNY!


Oh yeah, I promised you a symptom. Now this is true! I’m not lying. But one cause is assuming that ALL bands that appear at hootenanny are officially a rockabilly band. Yes I’ve been approached with folks calling Dropkick Murphys a BILLY band! This once promising pre INK N IRON event (oh god that’s a whole article waiting to be typed) was a staple of orange county rockabilly and roots music. Stray Cats, James Intveld, The Cramps (thats arguable but I love them), Luis and the Wildfires, Big Sandy have played there. But as the years went by it became a full-blown punk festival. A punk festival that many an orange county folk would call a rockabilly festival. The last line up was so sickeningly cliché with SD as the headliners you would’ve had to pay me to go. Thank goodness that was the last one.

It’s currently 2016 and we’re now going 3 years since the end of this pile of garbage. Yet the smell of that rotting corpse still lingers. I still hear stories of all the bands that played there and everyone immediately assuming I love every band. To be honest I can’t stand Dropkick Murphys. I hate their sound. I was as insulted by the simple-minded comparing them to the music I love that I forgave the guy that once asked if “Mambo No. 5” was a rockabilly song. THAT HAPPENED! I’m happy hootenanny is gone. Maybe something else will pop up and we can enjoy it. Until the promoters get greedy and there won’t be a stand up bass in sight. Or if there is I’ll be bombarded with questions about the “cello” on stage. THATS HAPPENED AS WELL!

There, if you’re a Mike Ness supporter heres his best material ever. I’m not saying its his best because he didn’t write any of the songs. I’m just saying that…I’m not going to say it out loud. But HOOTENANNY, I believe if there is a concert/festival Hell. That traitor of the rockin world is currently there. And may it never return!

Now this ends doing two posts a week. Starting next week I’ll only do one a week on Tuesday. Except when I deem appropriate since I’m my own boss.Come back once again on Tuesday, where I’ll show you how to use a stapler to catch that slap bass sound if your bass isn’t slappy enough.



2 thoughts on “Mike Ness Syndrome pt 2: And the Hootenanny disease”

  1. Lol I like social d for what they are a rock and roll band that used to be punk, but you are right about certain fans so cheers to ya n I definitely agree about those solo albums

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  2. Ness is awesome and the dude totally gets it. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (my personal favorite SD record) maybe has a hint of a 50’s influence to it, but Rockabilly it aint!. I grew up and live in Southern New England, the heart of Dropkick Murphy’s territory. Hardworking, badass bunch of guys but to be honest, their music bores me fucking silly… and they’re about as “rockabilly” as, i dont know… Luke Bryan? (or any other BroCo douchebag)

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