It was 2011 and I had been out of the psychobilly and rockabilly world for the majority of the last 2 years(Ill cover this in a blog entry in the future).  I was dating a girl in the scene. She had a big collection of cds on her and I noticed she had the Rhythm Shakers album Flipsville. I asked if I could borrow it since I had been slowing getting back into the scene and had some folks tell me to check them out. She said yes and let me borrow a pile of cds. Including: Santos, Chuy and the Bobcats, Will and The Hi Rollers, and a compilation called Young Breed. I noticed everyone one had the same logo for the same record label. Four broken letters that spelled WILD! When I got home I popped in one of the cds (don’t remember which one….so sue me!) and my eyes opened, my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe something like this existed. It felt like I was listening to pure rock n roll for the first time in my life.

The albums felt sweaty. Best way to describe the feeling is “sweaty”. There was energy there that I felt was completely natural. Loud records that weren’t loud for the hell of it. They were loud because they had to be. The music is organic.  Recorded on tape. Nothing digital. No pro tools (stuff lazy bands and producers use). From what I’ve heard most albums are done in one or two sessions within a 24 hour period ( I own their documentary Los Wild Ones on vudu, I heavily recommend buying it). Did I mention they’re loud! I can put on my headphones, turn the volume all the way up and the guy next to me can clearly hear someone whistling in the back ground of the track. I’m not going to use the term retro. Or 50s sound. Its just pure rock n roll!

Notice I held off on saying rockabilly on that second paragraph? Wild isn’t just a rockabilly label. They are a pure rock n roll. With their own sound. The WILD sound. Created by the guys behind the sound board Reb Kennedy and Omar Romero. If anything most of the bands sound like fast garage bands with a stand up bass. Some sound like if they were a 1950s punk band if there were punk bands in the 1950s.

They don’t just stick to the rockin sound with Rhythm Shakers, and the bands I mentioned earlier, Hi Strung Ramblers, Dusty Chance and the All Nighters, The Desperados. They can veer towards blues: The Delta Bombers (BUY ALL THEIR ALBUMS NOW!!!) Country: with Jimmy Dale and the Beltline. First wave punk: The Black Mambas. Soul: Gizzelle (notice if just said Gizzelle and not lil Gizzelle) and Alex Vargas (his album Smooth as Ice will cause pregnancy). New young and exciting acts : Savage Breed, The Downbeats. And whatever the hell Y Los Blancos is I love it!!

The Bands are great people. I’ve hung out with bands at shows. I chat with them online. I got a ride home once with The Hurricanes. I once tried jumping a 3 foot tall fence to say hi to a bunch of bands and fell crushing my bathing suit area. I love this label. As long as they’re around I’m going to support them. I buy their cds (YES A HUMAN BEING STILL BUY CDS!), I own their dvds, 45 records (though I’m not a dj), I got a ton of shirts, and I have their logo tattooed on me.This entry to simply of love letter to them. If any of you are reading this thank you so much for making the last 5 years more exciting.

Come back friday where ill either give you part 2 of my Mike Ness Syndrome series. Or I’ll go into how men can stroll and still look manly (spoiler, a dead homeless guy is involved).

p.s. you can check out wild records at there website WILD RECORDS also check out the videos i posted. google them. go on youtube to look up their videos and more music. Don’t worry other labels I’ll be posting more stuff on other labels as well.


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