A teenager sees my Wild Records shirt. “Whats Wild records?” I go into a little detail and included that they have a lot of rockabilly bands. He then replies “soooo its a record label full of bands that sound like Social Distortion”. If my eyes could bug out of their sockets that would’ve at this statement. After ten years in this so cal beach town (that really really really cut themselves off from the rest of the world) I never got used to hearing “the only rockabilly band I listen to is Social Distortion”. Even typing this I’m shaking my head.

I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this. I seem to tell folks this and they usually look at me in complete disbelief. Coincidently its the same look I get when I explain that SD is NOT A ROCKABILLY BAND. There is nothing remotely close to the 50s style to it. There is no stand up bass (it’s not totally essential but I love the sexy wooden animal). It’s mostly distorted guitars. But not once in their entire discography have they ever done anything to the style they seem to be associated with! Though Prison Bound was sort of cow punk album I could never consider them that style. They are a punk/ rocknroll band that’s it. Id imagine people would cry if they were to be sent back in time to 1954 and find out none of the bands sound like SD!! I mean become near suicidal.

Now why do so many folks jump to this conclusion. I understand that unless you’re into the music you have no clue to the scene outside of Stray Cats. Surely it’s not because Mike Ness has his hair slick back?…it can’t be? You can’t categorize a band purely based on the lead singers hair cut!…..Who am I kidding that’s exactly what they did. Same folks will literally assume a band is BILLY based on little details.Hipster folk bands that include a stand up bass will get that label. Hell, I had another guy run up to me cause he went to a rockabilly show. I looked at him prepared to hear something mind blowingly stupid and asked who did he see. His reply “REEL BIG FISH”.

Now I don’t blame Mr Ness or Aaron Barret (he has better hair in my opinion and I also like third wave ska). I’ve been told Mike is a good guy and he does not consider his band a rockabilly band. His solo album full of country covers Under The Influence is a really good album and everyone should listen to it (I’m not including that album as a cause to the confusion based on the fact that I dont know anyone that has listen to or even heard that album). There I covered my tracks. Please don’t send any hate mail or death threats my way.

Tune into my next post where I’ll show you how to pin strip your toilet with a chicken.

p.s. You read that correctly on top. This is part 1. I have too much material by being surrounded by so many idiots that I’m gonna make this into a series of posts relating to the general public being super confused. And I’ve declared this deranged mental state Mike Ness Syndrome. Enjoy!!!




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