My fantasy weekender band list

After the end of that one awesome weekender in Vegas I started to think. “Are my shorts too short for this pool party?” OK I didn’t go to the pool party. What I really thought was “who should be at next years event?”. But this isn’t just about who I’d wanna see at viva.  This is more like what would cause me to go equally crazy like I did at this years vegas event. Who would i book if i could get my greedy hands on some awesome bands and have them at the same show. If it was a perfect world. Who would I get? Without further ado here are 5 bands I’d kill to see share the same stage in the United States of America!

1. Marcel Bontempi 

Who didn’t hear at least one Marcel Bontempi song while everyone was dancing last week (or the week before, Vegas trip really messed with my head)? Since going on his own Mr Bontempi has made some of the best 45s the last couple of years. I think I speak for everyone when I say my heart sunk a little bit when I read his only US appearance was gonna be at the Nashville Boogie. Heres hoping that he comes over to the west coast (and everywhere else cause I’m not selfish) next year.

2. Shakin Pyramids

Now this is a little far-fetched. They’ve been broken up since 83. But members do tour in other bands. So why not come together since…you know they’re not the Smiths. Seeing Restless, Jets, Brian Setzer, and The Polecats really got me wanting to see some 80s English acts. To quote Tim Polecat “it used to be you had to be from the 50s to play viva, now you have to be in your 50s”.

3. Savage Breed

Yes they did play a few days ago in the city of sin. But it was in Brandon’s pub and that line was sooooo loooooong. It was so long the owner of their label look like he had trouble getting in! I gave up. Fortunately I’ve seen them about 3 times before (awesome and energetic live show) and got a hold of their debut album on wild records(eargasmic by the way). I feel more folks should have a chance to see this new breed of american rockabilly up close.And buy their lead singer a drink!

4. The Blue Cats

Yes MORE 80s bands!!!! MORE 80s BANDS WITH THE WORD “CATS IN THEIR NAMES”. I have no idea if they’re ever played in the u.s. before. I only recently gotten into these guys. Mostly from their recent(ish) live album.This was a good case of “HOW IN THE HELL DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!?!”. I definitely wanna see these before the inevitable zombie apocalypse .

5. Frantic Flattops

We covered 80s and we covered current acts. Lets try to reunite my favorite 90s rockabilly act from the East coast The Frantic Flattops. I hardly know anything about these guys other than they’ve been broken up for a good ten years. I had sent someone to get me a Frantic Flintstones cd at amoeba but they came back with this band album by accident. Talk about a happy accident! Hi Fi Honey turned into one of my top favorite rockabilly albums of all time. I selfishly would get these guys back together just for MYSELF!!!

Like my list? Got anyone else you’d like to see? Got a fantasy list of your own? Think this list is stupid? Let me know!

Next blog post is friday where ill give pointers on making the perfect pin curls and how to shave your legs using a carburetor.

p.s. honorable mention The Sirocca Bros as a hologram!



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