Viva Las Vegas 19!!!

This is the post excerpt.


After ALLLL these years I went to my first Viva!!! Holy hell what a time I had. Surrounded by rockabilly lovers from all over the globe. Folks from 20 countries were there. I knew  there would be a lot of non american folk there but holy hell! I almost felt that they out numbered us.  It was a beautiful sight. My respect goes out to all the folks that flew in from around mother earth. They rocked out so hard. Their enthusiasm was unmatched and I hope to one day travel to the other side of the globe to pay back the favor. One thing that can make a show great is not just the band but the audience and everyone brought their A game!

My apologies for the crappy video quality. I got to witness a total of 14 bands. Everyone spanked that crowd into submission. Highlights being The Jets, Delta Bombers, Jittery Jack and of course Brian Setzer. DON’T JUST GO FOR THE BOOZE SEE THE BANDS. I meet so many people that went, paid for the wristbands for the full weekend. Then find out they never saw a single band play. In Rockabilly the music comes first, in my humble and equally handsome opinion. Its insulting to the bands in my opinion. Why are you even there. Theres people there who don’t even look like they belong there having the time of thier life. God bless those folks.

I implore you to please sashay your ass to Nevada April of next year for Viva 20! Even if you’re not quite into the music. The people watching is epic. You get to drink out of a boot. And there are bands that truely deserve your attention. Tj Mayes especially( new album From the Plains to the Piers available HERE. As well as the Delta Bombers and classic bands like the Polecats and the Jets. Big shout out to Ezra Lee, if I had a pair of panties I would have thrown them at you! As well as The Space Cadets, you have a new fan in me.

Be sure to check back here where I’ll go on rants. Give reviews. And quite possibly impregnate your web browser.

p.s. Thank you so much Tom Ingram! You glorious man you!

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